What’s In A Label?

Understand the label of our oils.

DeStress Label DeStress Label Hand Back

Natural / Undiluted :  Our oils are 100 % Undiluted they contain nothing else except the extract of the plant.  No additives have been added to the product. You get 10 Ml of  100 % plant extract when you buy any of our Balance Mantra Oils.


Therapeutic grade : We take great efforts to make sure all our oils are therapeutic grade.

  • We mean our oils provide potent therapeutic benefits.
  • They are 100% safe for both adults and children.
  • They are manufactured through ethical channels that also provide regional economic benefits.
  • They are of superior quality.

Aromatherapy grade: For oils to be used in  Aromatherapy they need to be of superior quality, We have taken all measures to make sure our oils meets the aromatherapy standards .We are proud to say our oils are safe to be used for any kind of aromatherapy sessions.

High quality dark amber glass bottle : Our oils are packaged in High quality dark amber glass bottle which provides optimum UV protection for light sensitive products. These bottles are the standard for dispensing essential oils, herbal extracts, and naturopathic remedies.

Euro style dropper : These traditional “Euro” dropper bottles are a useful self-dispensing dropper or “dripper” bottle for essential oils, fragrances, natural remedies, and herbal extracts. The cap comes with the dripper insert attached. When the cap is applied to the bottle, the dripper insert snaps into place over the opening of the bottle. When the bottle is inverted, contents will dispense one drop at a time. The caps themselves have a tamper evident ring which detaches from the cap when opened


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