5 Amazing Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

Remember my adventure with essential oil I shared with you last week?

That incident made me research for the medium that can be safely used to dilute essential oils with.

As essential oils are extremely concentrated, we should always dilute them prior to use on the skin. Carrier oils (also known as a base oil) are used to dilute essential oils prior to topical application. The term carrier oil is derived from their purpose in carrying the essential oil onto the skin.

Let me share a few facts about carrier oils.

  • Carrier oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels or the nuts.
  • These oils are usually created from cold-pressing vegetable matter, seeds or nuts.
  • Cold pressing involves temperatures of 600C and below, so the desired chemical compounds are largely unaffected.
  • All carrier oils are perishable, so it is important to store them away from light in a cool, dry place. Experts recommend refrigerating them for extended shelf life.

Different carrier oils offer different therapeutic properties and characteristics. You can choose carrier oil depending on the therapeutic benefit you are looking for.


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